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Contact: Mr. Zhang

Mobile: 13906213167

Mobile: 18962658127

Tel: 400-867-0708

       +86 512-57952827

Ext: 15157124808 (Hangzhou) 13867695866 (Taizhou)

       18958380638 (Ningbo)

Fax: 0512-55275223



Address: Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Qiu Road 199

Division: Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou Tong Hui North Road, Park Lane, Room 2209,

       Zhejiang Huangyan Dali Mold Factory Northwest (West Second Ring Road)

        Haishu, Ningbo City, paragraph 599 Boulevard May

FURYME is specialized in high-quality environmentally friendly metal processing cutting fluid and industrial equipment oil research and development and manufacturing lubricants manufacturers.

The company is located in economically developed and beautiful environment of the Yangtze River Delta industrial heavy land - Kunshan, Jiangsu. Since 2009, we have been taking root in this business and have been devoted to researching and developing high quality, high-end equipment and environmental friendly oil and cutting fluid. Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City has its own production workshop and laboratory to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with reasonable solutions and free testing and testing services, while hired in foreign-funded enterprises engaged in research and development for many years as a team of technical staff. Using the world's most high-quality additives as the main raw material, after years of market testing and accumulation, developed hundreds of suitable users of lubricating oil-related products, and has been business users and equipment manufacturers alike!


Just as Rover's mission statement, "Lubricating and Lubricating Chinese Manufacturers," is preached. R & D and production of each company's products are based on the real needs of customers and start. Because any business survival and development are inseparable from the customer's support and trust.

At the same time, FURYME team also has the supremacy of corporate culture: "Fu full world, Run the proper way, a better life." It is based on this business philosophy, as Fu-run beauty will feel very proud and proud. In this place, everyone can achieve the ultimate dream of a better life!

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