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High quality wire cutting cutting fluid of highly efficient processing
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High quality wire cutting cutting fluid of highly efficient processing

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First of all, we first look at a formula below: within a certain time machine unit yield = production efficiency * * product qualified rate of the effective production time. The formula can clearly see that how to improve the production efficiency of machine unit, can from the following aspects: to improve the feed rate, spindle speed increasing, shorten the workpiece clamping and tool change time. The increase of feed rate and increase the speed of the main shaft relates to the selection of cutting fluid. Cutting fluid lubrication, cooling, cleaning in the process of metal cutting (cut into chip chip) and anti rust effects, including lubrication, cooling and processing speed is directly related to.

Increase the feed means increasing the processing load, the processing requirements of processing liquid is stronger (lubrication) & cooling capacity, may require high pressure and large flow pump, tank and design of modern machine tools more and more compact, processing liquid foam cutting time is getting short, anti foam and the cut the ability of global challenge for manufacturing liquid. The spindle speed increasing means that the tool or workpiece line speed, transmission in the large flow and high pressure pump under the condition that the impact caused by the gas will stir into the cutting fluid more, produce foam. At the same time working fluid may atomization under strong impact force, high temperature and high speed cutting may be caused by cutting liquid atomization, the oil mist floating will affect the operation of the plant environment and the health of employees in the air, oil mist drift also means the loss of oil, if it is pure oil oil the fog will increase the risk of fire or explosion.

Feed rate and high cutting speed also means high cutting temperature, which may also affect the oxidative stability of cutting fluid, the requirements of oil base oil is highly refined, also add some antioxidant to enhance its antioxidant properties. In addition, may relate to the stability of water soluble cutting fluid.

The contribution of cutting fluid to achieve efficient processing

No, Cut the wire cutting fluid Efficient processing is generally difficult to achieve, because of high speed cutting to produce a lot of heat will cause deformation of the workpiece, affect the machining precision. In addition the coolant processing capacity is to ensure the quality of workpiece, one of the key factors to improve the rate of qualified products. In order to ensure that each cooling fluid performance excellence, Total researchers in the cutting test machine, the optimum formulation, to ensure that every product can reduce the cutting force, energy consumption, reduce the tool wear, to achieve efficient processing. In cutting fluid in product development process, different formulations of the performance, will have great influence on the cutting efficiency and tool life.

Health, safety and environmental protection (HSE), is one of the most basic requirements of high-speed cutting, cutting fluids play a key role in them. In mechanical processing, oil mist cleaning and volatile safety hazards related by mechanical means to control, such as complex ventilation and filtration system, now, Total researchers, through the optimization of base oil and anti mist additives, successfully produced oil mist decreased by more than 60%, from the source reduce the oil mist. The negative influence of cutting fluid on HSE to a minimum, and reduce the cutting fluid consumption, reduce the cost of cutting.

Efficient solutions to improve processing efficiency

High speed cutting, the ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of a single workpiece, thereby reducing the unit production costs, to achieve better economic benefit. According to the previous listing formula, in order to make the maximum yield within a certain period of time, must make various factors have become large. Of course, we can also extend the service life of the cutting fluid, reduce the number of cutting fluid for fluid to increase the effective production time. Cutting is a system engineering, the whole cutting process include the cost of installation and cost of cutting fluid (15%~20%), cutting fluid maintenance costs (8%~15%), (15%~25%), the cost of emission tool cost (40%~50%), other expenses (10%) etc.. In order to achieve low cost cutting, must according to the weight of the cost, and. The cutting fluid quality, cutting fluid can not only reduce the maintenance costs, waste discharge fee, can reduce the cost of the tool, the cutting speed is increased, especially to improve the cutting speed of the benefits of the most obvious. These costs can be calculated. In terms of improving the production efficiency of 10% to calculate, ceteris paribus, can directly lead to the depreciation of fixed assets, labor costs per piece cost is reduced by 10%, the benefits are quite obvious.

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