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Should pay attention to cutting the problem using water soluble oil
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Should pay attention to cutting the problem using water soluble oil

The release date:2017-10-21 Author: click:

A long-term use of water-soluble cutting fluid, add in the use of water-soluble cutting oil in time can not only better, to protect the tools work well in the industrial process, and can improve the production efficiency, the general in mechanical processing, when water soluble cutting oil is at the same time dry cutting when no extra oil outflow, we should add timely cutting oil .

In the process of using water soluble cutting oil, our workers should carefully observe the use of cutting oil regularly, when stratified, smelly phenomenon, should be timely to judge the water-soluble cutting oil is expired, and timely replacement of cutting fluid to ensure production.

In general, water soluble cutting oil to the normal 8 hours a day working time as a benchmark, water-soluble cutting oil use period is 2 months, beyond 2 months, should be the timely replacement of cutting oil.

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