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The basic concept of WEDM cutting liquid water soluble cutting fluid and semi synthetic fluid
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The basic concept of WEDM cutting liquid water soluble cutting fluid and semi synthetic fluid

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Everyone on the "water-based working fluid" concept is somewhat vague, especially the water soluble cutting fluid synthetic liquid (or water soluble cutting fluid) and semi synthetic liquid (actually suspension) confused.

Metal cutting fluid (including cutting fluid) according to the composition and use of the product are different, divided into 1 types, 2 pure oil emulsion, 3 semi synthetic (microemulsion), 4 synthetic, four categories.

Pure oil type: completely by mineral oil and oil soluble substance; when used directly against the water can not be added. Products such as: Cut the wire cutting fluid Extreme pressure, cutting oil, electric spark liquid etc..

Emulsion type: consists of oil, emulsifier, necessary mineral additives, mineral oil content of not less than 60%; when using diluted 5% suspension. Products such as: antirust emulsified oil, cutting fluid, such as DX-2 line.

Semi synthetic: mineral oil, emulsifier, water soluble anti rust agent composition, mineral oil content is about 15~30%; the use of diluted suspension 5%~8%. Products such as: Microemulsion Cutting Fluid and machining center special working fluid, JR-098 wire cutting fluid.

Type synthesis: completely by water soluble substances, when using diluted aqueous solution of 5%~25%. Products such as: steel LX-1 cutting fluid, water-based cutting fluid line etc..

Emulsion type, semi synthetic (microemulsion), synthesis of type three to use against the 75~95% water, water accounted for most is the foundation, therefore is called a water-based working fluid. The synthesis of liquid is water solution of water soluble liquid only refers to molding working fluid.

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