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Line of WEDM working fluid of the cutting fluid development trend
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Line of WEDM working fluid of the cutting fluid development trend

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With the promotion of the use of wire cutting technology and the development of WEDM, the performance requirements of wire cutting fluid has been improved. To meet the large thickness of the workpiece cutting stability requirements. The large thickness of the workpiece is usually above 200 mm thick steel and a thickness of 70 mm hard processing materials, such as copper, hard alloy etc.. For the large thickness of the workpiece, the wire cutting fluid is difficult to enter the discharge gap play cooling and lubrication and chip removal effect, and increase the discharge gap and cause the wire electrode increased the amplitude, instability of processing, thus cutting fluid on line dielectric properties, cooling performance, lubricating performance and chip removal in package wire stable performance products put forward higher requirements. Meet the environmental requirements of wire cutting working liquid. Environmental protection has become the focus of attention of this century, WEDM working fluid should have good processing performance, but also has the advantages of long service life and less pollution to the environment, harmless to the human body etc.. At the same time, Wire cutting fluid The product should not contain sodium nitrite and chromate and other harmful substances, in order to meet the requirements of the national environmental protection regulations. Development of special line in special materials cutting cutting fluid. With the popularization and application of wire cutting technology, ceramic composite materials, such as aluminium and its alloy special or special materials cutting and cutting of semiconductor materials will continue to emerge.

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