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Symptomatic cutting fluid under different conditions using cutting fluid selection cutting
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Symptomatic cutting fluid under different conditions using cutting fluid selection cutting

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For the people engaged in the industry, we have some understanding of the use of cutting fluid. The correct use of cutting fluid for the protection of machinery and equipment, improve productivity, reduce scrap and so on are of great help. In production, there are many types of cutting fluid, so the cutting fluid selection problem on the operator to bring some troubles. So, for the choice of cutting fluid, the hook nets to introduce specific.

In the selection of cutting fluid, need to go through the following considerations.

First, the need to consider is the choice of cutting fluids or water-based cutting fluid. This requires from the safety, health, especially considering the harm to human health. At the same time also need to process and waste water treatment facilities into consideration.

Second, choose the type of cutting fluid. There are many types of cutting fluid, lubricating, anti permeability, sintering, cooling and so on.

Third, identification of cutting fluid. For the identification of cutting fluid selection, precision, tool wear, anti casting, defoaming, life and cutting fluid wastewater treatment and economy etc. from the processing of.

After selecting a cutting fluid, according to different problems of cutting fluid replacement.

1, the flank wear increases, tool wear is reduced

The reason of this problem is the lack of lubrication of mechanical wear. The main solutions are the following: first, the oil content of fatty oil based cutting fluids or big cutting fluid containing oily additive, low friction coefficient. Second, the activity of the oil cutting fluid into the inactive oil based cutting fluid. Third, the sampling inspection of cutting fluid, if the main quality index has obvious deterioration, should be replaced by a new liquid. Fourth, increase the liquid supply and liquid supply pressure directly to the back face for liquid. Fifth, when the use of water-based cutting fluid, containing extreme pressure lubrication properties of emulsion excellent, and used in high concentration.

2, the bond, bue increases, the increase of tool wear

The reason of this problem is mainly the cutter with cutting has strong heat and friction between chip, and the cutting fluid adhesion resistance is poor, so bue and abnormal increase have broken, caused by blade damage and spalling, resulting in the increase of tool wear. The solution for this problem are: first, with strong activity of oil based cutting fluid. Second, check the cutting fluid activity, if the activity reduced, activity of extreme pressure additives should be added. Third, the water-based cutting fluid into the cutting oil extreme pressure additives containing activity.

3, Cut the wire cutting fluid High temperature, softening, melting and cutting tool have lead to discoloration, tool wear is reduced

For this problem, the main reason is the tip part of the insufficient cooling. The solution is first, the oil based cutting fluid for water-based cutting fluid. Second, increase the liquid supply and liquid supply pressure. Third, the control of cutting fluid temperature, for example, the temperature is too high, should increase cutting liquid tank volume or is used to reduce the temperature of measures.

4, low processing precision

The main reason is the uneven cooling or inadequate, the workpiece temperature due to thermal deformation, or due to the adhesion of built-up edge in cutting depth is too large. The main solution is: the sufficient supply of cutting fluid, keep cutting temperature or is replaced by Kang bond performance of cutting liquid, one for example, oil based cutting fluids.

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