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The effect of cutting cutting liquid
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The effect of cutting cutting liquid

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Metal cutting fluid (the cutting fluid lubrication) in the cutting process, can reduce the rake face and chip, flank and inter surface friction, forming part of lubricating film, thereby reducing the cutting force, friction and power consumption, reduce the temperature of the wear surface and the cutting tool and the workpiece blank friction part of the workpiece material to improve the machining performance. In the grinding process, adding grinding fluid, grinding workpiece and the lubricating film formed between the abrasive and grinding fluid into the grinding wheel, the friction interface decreases, prevent the abrasive cutting edge wear and adhesion of the chip, thereby reducing the grinding force and friction heat, improve the durability of the grinding wheel and the workpiece surface quality. 2. cooling effect Cut the wire cutting fluid The cooling effect is by heating it and by cutting tool (or wheel), chip and workpiece between convection and evaporation heat from the cutting tool and workpiece at away, thus effectively reducing the cutting temperature, reduce the deformation of the workpiece and the cutting tool heat, keep tool hardness, high machining accuracy and tool life degree. The cooling performance of cutting fluid and its thermal conductivity, specific heat, heat of vaporization and viscosity (or liquidity) on. Water conductivity and specific heat were higher than that of oil, so the cooling performance is better than that of oil and water. 3. cleaning effect in metal cutting process, cutting fluid requirements can effectively clean. Remove debris and produce chips, iron powder, oil and sand, to prevent contamination of workpiece and machine tool, cutting tool, the cutting tool or grinding wheel and keep sharp, does not affect the cutting effect. For the oil cutting oil, lower viscosity, cleaning ability is stronger, especially with kerosene and diesel oil cutting light component, permeability and better cleaning performance. Water-based cutting fluid containing surfactant, the cleaning effect is better, because it can form film on the surface, to prevent the sludgeparticles and adhesion in the workpiece, cutting tool and grinding wheel, at the same time it can seep into the sludgeparticles and adhesion of the interface, it separated from the interface, with the cutting fluid to keep cutting away cleaning liquid. 4. anti rust role in metal cutting process, the workpiece to ambient medium and cutting fluid component decomposition or oxidation and sludge produced with the corrosive medium and corrosion, the surface of machine parts in contact with the cutting fluid will be corrosion. In addition, in between the workpiece or the process of the transfer process also requires temporary storage, cutting fluid has certain anti rust capability, prevent environmental medium and residual sludge in cutting fluid and other corrosive substances corrode metal. Especially in the south of our country, humid and rainy season, more attention should be paid to rust measures. 5. other effects in addition to the above 4 functions, the use of cutting fluid should have good stability during storage and use of precipitation or hierarchical, condensate oil, condensate and the phenomenon of aging does not produce soap. Have a certain ability to resist bacteria and mildew, not easy to mildew and biodegradation caused smelly and metamorphism. Do not damage the paint part, no harm to human body, no smell. In the process of using smoke, fog or smoke. Convenient recycling, low pollution emissions, wastewater treatment is simple, it can meet the state's industrial wastewater discharge standards.

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