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Line cutting cutting fluid causes what harm? - Fu Runmei answer for you.
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Line cutting cutting fluid causes what harm? - Fu Runmei answer for you.

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The cutting fluid can be divided into two categories: to cool as the main purpose, diluted with water soluble cutting fluid in lubrication; as the main purpose, without water dilution of oil soluble cutting fluid.

Water soluble cutting fluid with plenty of water diluted, non hazardous and caused the occurrence of fire smoke, processing after degreasing cleaning is simple, the disadvantage is the machine tool and the workpiece is easy to rust. Oil soluble cutting fluid lubrication and rust prevention effect is good, but in the high-speed cutting oil mist will cause serious deterioration of the environment, health. In order to adapt to all kinds of lubrication performance requirements and improvement of cutting fluid, often with various additives in cutting fluid.

The harm of cutting fluid on human health is mainly lies in its toxic additives. For example, nitrite, chromate, chlorinated compounds are toxic substances, and nitrite and amine react readily to form carcinogenic nitrosamines; as Lou phenol fungicide has great toxicity.

Direct contact with the 1. metal cutting fluid and the operators of the skin: occupation disease caused by cutting fluid in 80% is formed in this way. Water soluble cutting fluid and oil soluble cutting fluid harm to the skin is different.

Generally, oil soluble oil cutting fluid can easily lead to acne, folliculitis, keratosis and skin cancer. Among them, the oil acne is the most common, it is because the skin contact oil blocking the pores of the skin, causing inflammation of the formation of pus blisters.When the metal debris, grinding particles, oxide particles and rust particles in contact with the skin block the pores of the skin, caused by a rash, can cause folliculitis. Skin cancer and keratosis is mainly composed of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) caused by;

Water soluble cutting fluid is easy to cause irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis is the inflammation caused by local toxicity of epidermal cell function. Allergic dermatitis is a skin inflammation caused by antigen stimulation, is an important reason for cutting fluid processing workers have eczema.

2. operators formed smoke cutting fluid intake through the respiratory tract: oil soluble cutting fluid to form oil mist and vaporization of water soluble cutting fluid formation of micro droplets of irritation to the respiratory mucosa can cause inflammation, odor generated the pungent odor of smoke and cutting fluid corruption on the respiratory tract is harmful.

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