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Cutting fluid manufacturers of cutting fluid in the use of process problems and Countermeasures
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Cutting fluid manufacturers of cutting fluid in the use of process problems and Countermeasures

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The cutting fluid cooling, lubrication, cleaning, rust and other functions, is widely used in machining. The cutting fluid deterioration smelly and corrosion, produce foam, skin allergies and other often use the operator in use, the combination of practical experience in our work, talk about cutting fluid problems and Countermeasures in application.

A bad smell problem, cutting fluid:

The main reason for deterioration of cutting fluid cutting fluid manufacturers is smelly: Contains a large number of bacteria, the bacteria in the cutting fluid mainly aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. The oxygen consumption of bacteria living in the mineral environment, such as water leakage, concentrated liquid and machine cutting fluid in oil under aerobic conditions, each split into two 20-30min. The anaerobic bacteria exist without oxygen environment, every hour is split into two, metabolism releases SO2, with a rotten egg smell, cutting fluid black. When the cutting fluid in bacteria is greater than 106, the cutting fluid will stink.

Two, the corrosion problem of cutting fluid:

The reason of corrosion

1) low concentration proportion of cutting fluid.

2) cutting fluid pH value is too high or too low. For example, the pH value of >9.2, have a corrosive effect on aluminum. It should be chosen according to the pH value of metal materials.

3) contact metal materials are not similar.

4) paper or wood pad workpiece.

5) parts stacked.

6) the number of bacteria exceed the standard in cutting fluid.

7) the working environment humidity is too high.

The corrosion prevention method

1) preparation of cutting fluid with pure water, and the cutting fluid ratio should be used in accordance with the instructions say cutting fluid recommended value in use.

2) in case of need to use antirust liquid.

3) control the number of bacteria, prevent bacteria produce.

4) to check the humidity, attention control working environment humidity in the appropriate range.

5) to avoid cutting fluid contamination.

6) to avoid similar contact materials, such as aluminum and steel, iron and copper (magnesium).

Three, bubble problem

In the use of cutting fluid, sometimes cutting liquid surface will produce a large number of foam.

The main reason for the bubble

1) the level of cutting fluid is too low

2) cutting fluid velocity is too fast, no time to bubble overflow, piled up, resulting in a large number of bubbles.

3) too many rectangular tank design, the nozzle angle or cutting fluid is too straight.

Avoid bubble method

1) concentration in the cooling system, pipeline series classification, from the cooling box near the pipeline pressure should be lower.

2) do not ensure liquid level of cutting fluid is too low, timely check level, timely add cutting fluid.

3) to control the cutting fluid velocity is not too fast.

4) in the design of the sink, the sink should pay attention to right not too much.

5) in the use of cutting fluid should be paid attention to when the cutting liquid nozzle angle not too straight.

Four, the skin allergy problems

The operator in the operation of the process should be coated with protective oil, wearing overalls, gloves, should pay attention to avoid direct contact with the skin and cutting fluid.

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