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Should choose water-based cutting fluid line instead of oil based wire cutting fluid
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Should choose water-based cutting fluid line instead of oil based wire cutting fluid

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Wire cutting fluid Is a crucial link WEDM processing link in electrical. The outstanding performance of the wire cutting fluid is the key to ensure the workpiece cutting molding. Since the wire cutting fluid is so important, then as a line cutting industry personnel engaged in how to choose the right line cutting fluid? Today by Ji'nan Suntory small bright - line cutting fluid for everyone in detail.

Now on the market a common line cutting fluid can be divided into two kinds: water-based cutting fluid, oil base cutting fluid.

The baseline oil cutting fluid: too dirty, too much oil, chip is not clean, very difficult to clean up! Belong to the edge of the primary products, but the elimination of low cost, or by the favor of many small processing shop.

Water-based cutting fluid line: clean, easy to clean! The technology has matured, but also face is not easy to transport, damage problems in transportation.

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