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There is no harm to cutting cutting fluid factory line cutting fluid cutting line interpretation
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There is no harm to cutting cutting fluid factory line cutting fluid cutting line interpretation

The release date:2017-10-21 Author: click:

Cutting fluid manufacturers in the past New Year's Day holiday, Xiao Bian accidentally met a new friend in wedm. He asked the small, line cutting has no harm to the human body? Xiao Bian understand friend's attitude, just involved in wire cutting processing industry, many of the details not clearly understood. Today by Ji'nan Suntory small bright line cutting fluid cutting does harm to the human body as we described in line.

From the first line cutting principle -- than burning welding or electronic dust-free workshop, cutting the harm is too small!

Of course, the harm of it just reflects the cutting fluid corrosion on the human skin in oil baseline, if it is suffering from adolescent acne, skin allergies and other groups, it is best to stay away from the processing industry. Only the body would bring unnecessary burden and other diseases!

In fact do mechanical processing crowd, not only will appear harmful to human body can be wire cutting, different equipment has its different methods, including CNC, surface treatment, after all, the body will be in direct contact with the machine and processing oil. So on the outside, to learn how to protect your body. If the love of an industry, is impossible to completely avoid biological, Cut the wire cutting fluid Understand how to do protective measures, harm can be reduced to the minimum! (too long before because my friend also said that he is doing the machining was born! Before contact with stainless steel cutting oil, the extremely toxic, so there was a period of time of skin allergies, but strengthen the cleaning and protection measures, then slowly accustomed to, and no allergic reaction!)

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