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How long does it take to change the cutting liquid water cutting fluid factory line cutting
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How long does it take to change the cutting liquid water cutting fluid factory line cutting

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A small to ask such a question, how long will it take to replace the water line cutting fluid? This is not the actual standard. Cut the wire cutting fluid Different, price and quality are not the same. Today, Ji'nan Suntory small bright line cutting fluid for everyone science line cutting fluid really need to change a long water.

We first start from the baseline oil cutting fluid. If you use oil for cutting steel work piece base cutting fluid, by 8 hours a day count, usually about 7 days for a time, if you cut aluminum, suggest the best cut on the first day of water change, because the aluminum cut iron too much. If the use of water-based cutting fluid line cutting steel, according to 8 hours a day count, the general brand cutting fluid line about 3-4 days for a bar, if cut aluminum words and cutting oil.

Cutting fluid manufacturers above is according to the standard case, but the general processing households did not change so often, wire cutting fluid is quite expensive, but also need to look to the requirements of precision cutting, if it is less than 0.03mm, it is necessary to change the diligent, do not want to ensure that the accuracy is not easy. There is also a relationship between the thickness of the workpiece and the workpiece, if more than 100mm, but also for the diligent, old cutting fluid, molybdenum wire in wire cutting chip, help is too small, easily broken wire.

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