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Cutting fluid manufacturers interpretation of wire cutting fluid selection cutting
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Cutting fluid manufacturers interpretation of wire cutting fluid selection cutting

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1, the rough machining rough machining cutting fluid, machining allowance, the amount of cutting, the cutting heat. Using high speed steel cutter cutting, the main purpose of the use of cutting fluid is the cutting temperature and reduce tool wear. Using low concentration emulsion or semi synthetic. It must be continuous, full cast, cemented carbide at high temperature so as not to produce huge internal stress and cracks.

2, finishing with precision machining cutting fluid requirements, smaller surface roughness, general selection of cutting fluid better lubricating properties, such as high concentration emulsion.

3, cutting fluid manufacturers are selected according to the properties of the workpiece material cutting Cast iron, brass and other brittle materials, generally with synthetic or semi synthetic cutting fluid, so as not to break the chip adhesion in moving parts of the machine on. Processing of high strength steel, high temperature alloy and other hard materials, because the cutting process is in extreme pressure lubrication friction state, it should use cutting fluid containing extreme pressure additives. Cutting nonferrous metal and copper, Aluminum Alloy, in order to get a higher precision and surface quality, can use 10% to 20% of the emulsion, but can not be used for cutting liquid sulfur, sulfur corrosion to nonferrous metals. The cutting of magnesium alloy, not water solution, so as to avoid burning.

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