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Cutting fluid on cutting fluid by manufacturers the variety of wire cutting you know?
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Cutting fluid on cutting fluid by manufacturers the variety of wire cutting you know?

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The characteristics of cutting fluid cutting fluid has many manufacturers: lubrication, cooling, anti rust anti-corrosion, degreasing cleaning etc.. At the same time by way of cutting fluid in the borehole is also diverse.

1) by turning processing cutting liquid: liquid supply nozzle lathe should do can do a nozzle at the front and rear tool. To cool the tool and workpiece. In turning operation, the coolant must be supplied to the region in the chip production. For turning and facing the move, the coolant nozzle should be directly supply directly. Heavy cutting nozzle, would be desirable, above and below the things, it is advisable for the cutting fluid in the open area of the top and bottom.

2) grinding Application: grinding will produce a large amount of heat, such as too many to count each knife blade, to reduce the occurrence of heat cutting liquid coolant is the most appropriate grinding time. If you can use a double nozzle flood coolant, the one on the left and right wheels. Adhere to the task as far as possible close to the nozzle. It is recommended that you use a virtual block on the workpiece. It is helpful to get the cooling liquid to meet the task of reducing start. No virtual block was used in this case, this insures that the coolant in the beginning and meet. In grinding, the nozzle is slightly larger than the wheel should be used. This ensures that the grinding surface engulfed. When the grinding wheel should be able to. The wheel should be about 75% the diameter of the workpiece hole. This is not to get to space cooling hole. Ensure that meet the cooling liquid inlet hole number.

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