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What are the treatment method of cutting fluid cutting fluid manufacturers interpretation of line cutting
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What are the treatment method of cutting fluid cutting fluid manufacturers interpretation of line cutting

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Cutting method of cutting fluid liquid processing manufacturers interpretation of wire cutting, there are three kinds, including evaporation, membrane separation method and chemical method. The three method is also applicable to: waste cutting fluid, semi synthetic cutting fluid, synthetic cutting fluid. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages

The first method is: the advantages of evaporation process is simple and the operation, the effect is also very good, but the energy consumption is high, and will produce certain compounds on air pollution, such as the content of the compound, it is generally not recommended to use this method for waste treatment on metal cutting fluid.

Second: chemical method is the most commonly used method, mainly including the method using inorganic salt and polymer separation of the two treatments, and the two method of operation is also very convenient, in large amount or are used in case of a small amount, and the processing cost is low, so most of the cutting fluid manufacturers are using this kind of love used waste water treatment method.

Third: membrane separation method is mainly used for cutting liquid membrane wastewater treatment, including reverse osmosis, microfiltration and ultrafiltration. Most of the use of membrane separation hair manufacturers will choose to deal with heating to 40 degrees Celsius by ultrafiltration.

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