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Cutting fluid factory line in China cutting fluid history and the future development trend
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Cutting fluid factory line in China cutting fluid history and the future development trend

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The development of cutting fluid is basically with metal processing tools (i.e. machine) a kind of fine chemical product development and processing technology and the birth and development, its main role is to cool the workpiece and the cutting tool in the machining process, in addition to the workpiece and the machine bed, the metal debris and rust other impurities rinse.

Cutting fluid manufacturers in the last century, in 50s and 60s, China is basically manual rocker type machine, the processing efficiency is low, the difficulty of small, poor accuracy, the quality of its products mainly rely on the worker's level of technology and experience, so in that time processing of cutting fluid is very low, generally a person with factory some chemical materials such as nitrite amine, prepared by the low grade cutting fluid. The cutting fluid mainly to cooling and anti rust purposes, and for processing in need high lubrication conditions, people usually use oil saponification solution, was basically meet the requirements of production.

With the deepening of reform and opening up, to the beginning of 80s, China has made great progress in the field of machine processing, a large number of the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and equipment, the introduction of CNC machine tools is the most important. On the one hand, the use of CNC machine tools not only speed up the production speed, but also makes the reliability of product quality and consistency is guaranteed, but the rapid processing of CNC machine tools for the general state of the original traditional cutting fluid basically satisfy the requirements of processing, such as high speed operation of the machine tool, the cutting tool speed is greatly improved, which requires cutting fluid the cooling efficiency and enhance the efficiency of machine tool lubrication; increasing nozzle pressure, the cutting fluid has better anti foam and good filtering effect; liquid storage tank built-in machine makes the cutting fluid in the light oxygen conditions have strong antibacterial effect; in addition, the cutting fluid also has environmental protection and biological safety certainly, no irritation and allergic reactions to human body. During this period, the cutting fluid in China gradually entered a rapid development stage. Foreign high-end products are gradually entering China's market.

This stage China's scientific and technological level is very low, at the initial stage of machining products mainly to meet domestic market demand. In late 90s, machine processing products in China to gradually enter the international market, but at the moment we are still in the coarse ore processing, in order to win the number in the machining process, and low value-added products, so that manufacturers of quality requirements are based on the cutting fluid in a low level. The main is to consider the question of price.

With a continuation of nearly twenty years of reform and opening of our country, our country in the field of metal machining significant excess production capacity, so that many domestic manufacturers were forced to enter the field of international high-end products, the whole industry is facing either upgrade or eliminated state, so the domestic some strength and has a certain technical strength of the manufacturers first industrial upgrading, the elimination of old equipment, the introduction of international most advanced machine equipment, such as Japan Mazak machine. The main characteristics of this kind of machine is high precision, fast processing speed, the machine nozzle pressure is very large, some twenty or thirty kilograms of pressure, the cutting fluid should have stronger than ever, the lubricating ability of antiwear ability, anti foaming ability, in addition, the cutting fluid working liquid waste for recycling.

At present, the domestic industry basically the same as the cutting fluid in the metal processing industry, uneven messy state, the country has a small workshop manufacturers do, these manufacturers are not the size, product quality is difficult to guarantee, but are generally sold nearby, has a price advantage, attractive for the manufacturers, but these manufacturers generally do not have the ability of water treatment, waste a great possibility, on the environment especially water pollution and eutrophication are a great threat. In the end, in recent years, there are a few domestic manufacturers of cutting fluid progress very fast, such as Tianjin, Ansai, Liaoning tailunte chemicals Hubei Huayang Chemical Co. Ltd. has Bohr etc. in the domestic leading level, including Tianjin tailunte Chemicals Co. Ltd. in recent times product visibility survey and Castrol, Fuchs Quirke, master, foreign brands such as.

? Wire cutting fluid Function: the development from single to special function and improve

In metal processing present situation analysis, the focus of future development in the protection of cutting fluid based on the single index increase to one or several of the special function of the direction of development, in order to meet the specific requirements of metal machining.

In antirust function, especially under high temperature and high humidity conditions of the metal workpiece (anti rust effect in recent years because of the greenhouse effect intensifies in summer in South China with high temperature and high humidity phenomenon has become increasing trend, the direction) should focus on solving the above anti rust film formed on the metal cutting fluid the surface water resistance effect, two main solutions, one is to make the crystal surface passivation antirust film body is more compact, and have very low solubility product constant, in order to prevent the infiltration of water, in order to block the primary cell reaction in the metal surface; in addition to the emulsion type cutting the liquid, part of the effectiveness of cathodic protection from antirust emulsified oil, then the anti two water solubility will be crucial to solve the formation of protective film.

In extreme pressure lubrication and function, the traditional micro emulsion and emulsion cutting fluid can guarantee the use of modern machine tools, but the corruption is difficult to control, but also because the viscosity of working fluid appears easily in use process becomes larger and the difficulty of filtering and other phenomena, people are more willing to look for a a synthetic cutting fluid with high lubrication, high extreme pressure, which is also one of the topics in the research field of cutting fluid is the most high-end at present, the traditional polyether water-soluble lubricant, low lubricating effect and high price makes this kind of basic cannot meet the requirements of the product, and the need to find another way to success single material more powerful.

In environmental protection, with the implementation of zero discharge of industrial wastewater by national mandatory requirements, on the cutting liquid working fluid circulation wastewater treatment operation and ease of operation has become a realistic problem in front of us, so cutting fluid manufacturers in the development of products when they must take into account this problem, it should be say, the use of anion more easily than non ion treatment, so the development of multifunctional potent anionic surfactant is extremely important.

In addition to cutting fluid in the body of low toxicity, low irritation and low odor, in recent years, the requirement of people is also more and more high. In the understanding of the toxicity of the cutting fluid, a lot of people there is a misconception, that smell the bigger toxicity is greater, in fact, no absolute relation between the two, but the obvious smell will at least bring people comfortable, pleasant feeling, because this also need to pay attention to.

Developed a good cutting fluid, also need excellent performance of single raw material supply. In recent years, although there are a lot of Everfount monomers have been developed, but most are the traditional materials for simple modification of molecular structure or better product purification. There are few revolutionary improvements on the molecular structure of the traditional raw materials, but also makes the new R & D blocked great cutting fluid. Think the future improvement direction of talent chemical raw material cutting fluid will be artificial chemical modification of natural biological material, such as chemical grafting of natural protein hydrolysis, the resulting material not only more safety and environmental protection, but also often gives the cutting fluid with strong physical and chemical index.

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