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Fu Runmei No. 32, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100 Morlina oil
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Fu Runmei No. 32, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100 Morlina oil

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Fu Runmei No. 32, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100 machine tool oil lubricating oil series products are excellent quality, designed to fully meet the modern high yield preparation machine tool on the workpiece precision and finish requirements. Fu Runmei rail oil series oil well optimized, can be rapidly separated with aqueous coolant in the cooling system, help reduce the lubricating surface by alkaline coolant corrosion. With the base oil and additives are carefully chosen, in the protection of rail and slide at the same time, also has the advantages of easy filtration. The unique additive package guide material of all kinds, including steel on steel and steel on polymer, provide superior performance to reduce friction, stick slip and creep.

Fu Runmei No. 32, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100, Morlina oil through the design and development of specialized, provides mechanical protection function, can meet the stringent requirements. These lubricants exhibit excellent lubricity and load performance, so as to effectively improve the qualified product yield. Fu Runmei rail oil series with excellent characteristics of cooling liquid separation dissolved from water and water, reducing the potential negative effects of cross contamination, helps to prolong the service life and enhance the performance of lubricating oil and cooling liquid. Fu Runmei No. 32, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100 machine tool oil series products are made of high quality base oil well made, and the use of advanced additive system to balance its performance, thus providing excellent friction performance, controllable water soluble metal cutting fluid and compatibility for components and equipment corrosion protection. Because of the slow flow of lubricating oil or filter blockage will promote fibrillation and abrasion, stick slip phenomenon, so this is very important.

Fu Runmei 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100 machine tool oil products recommended as lubricating machine guide system. The design formula of Microemulsion Cutting fluid can be used in combination of iron, steel and non metal materials in the guide. Fu Runmei No. 32, No. 46, No. 68, No. 100, Morlina oil by perfusion application manual, circulatory system or forced lubricator. They are also suitable for the machine internal medium load hydraulic system and gear structure device, water solution coolant will be the traditional mineral oil pollution and shorten the service life of the.

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