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The correct use of expert detailed analysis of synthetic lubricating oil
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The correct use of expert detailed analysis of synthetic lubricating oil

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In general, car manufacturers recommend change period in 5000 to 7000 km mileage, if the oil is not timely maintenance, the car has the potential failure may occur, semi synthetic cutting fluid using synthetic oil is those who often forgot to change the oil or the total delay oil owners good choice. In other words, synthetic oil can make your car break oil mileage limit, when after use, even in the continuous driving mileage and beyond the manufacturer specified circumstances, synthetic oil can also provide excellent protection for engine.

Your car is "transport"?

If you are driving to work, and often encounter traffic support conditions, resulting in your car in a long-term "stop and go" and short distance driving circumstances, then the synthetic oil is your best choice. Because 75% of the engine wear occurs at the start stage, often the "stop and go" will make the engine in this often wear, which caused great damage to the engine. Synthetic oil can help reduce less wear, make the engine keep the best condition. It is worth noting that, experts suggest that the general engine should be used for more than 20 minutes of driving.

Driving your high temperature in the region?

Some parts of the environment of high temperature, such as the desert or at an altitude of more than 10 thousand feet altitude. Generally speaking, high desert climate and rare ah plateau climate are not very good for engine cooling. If you live in these areas, please use synthetic oil to better protect your car's engine.

Do you often drive?

If your car performance is good, and you often high-speed driving, so the oil mirror spark requirements are relatively high. In high speed constant acceleration, high speed operation of the engine are more susceptible to wear, the working temperature is relatively high. So the selection of lubricating oil to prevent engine wear, has good cleaning effect, but also able to withstand high temperature test. If you want to enjoy the feeling of flying cars, and are willing to improve the car's performance, the synthetic oil is a wise choice.

In the high oil prices, high maintenance costs today, Castrol oil experts remind you should choose suitable for lubricating oil of your car right according to their maintenance and driving habits. Now, the synthesis of lubricating oil has become the choice for many owners. The reason is that on the one hand, synthetic oil, thermal stability, oxidation resistance, anti viscosity ability, prevent deformation ability than ordinary mineral oil, to protect the car engine is better, to help prolong automobile oil cycle. Just like Castrol magnetic protection synthetic lubricating oil, its formula contained in "intelligent" molecules even in the engine out after the formation of a layer of protective film, tightly adsorbed on the surface of the engine, to prevent wear on the car damage next startup.

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