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Water soluble cutting fluid has ten advantages
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Water soluble cutting fluid has ten advantages

The release date:2017-11-07 Author: click:

A water soluble antirust performance of excellent cutting fluid (above rust time: three months)

Two. The solution of green transparent, with good visibility, especially suitable for CNC machine tools, the use of modern processing equipment, machining center and so on.

Three. Environmental protection formula: no chlorine, three triazine, two amine, aromatic hydrocarbons, sodium nitrite and other harmful ingredients to human body, no irritation to the skin, friendly to operator.

Four. Cutting fluid sour control: selection of imported additives, strong antibacterial, have a long life in the central system or single tank (more than one year without deterioration)

Five. Low foam: excellent anti foam, can be used for high pressure system and high air release operating conditions, suitable for soft and hard water.

Six. Lubrication: containing special surface active agent formulation, emulsifier. The lubrication performance is much higher than similar products, lower tool costs and improve the surface machining precision, can be used instead of cutting oil, create a good environment for the operator.

Seven. Chip: the company of heavy oily formula has row cuttings falling well, cutting and cutting chip provides rapid settlement of subdivision, maintain the system clean and easy to clean out the oil pollutants, soon completely separated in cutting fluid on the surface.

Eight. Cooling and flushing of cooling and a good cleaning, keep the machine tool and the workpiece cleaning, reduce viscous residue.

Nine. High concentrated water diluted 20-30 times, can be used normally.

Ten. The price of the company: cutting fluid from the feed, production, logistics, have fine cost control, try to put the profit space for customers

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