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The difference and selection of cutting fluid
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The difference and selection of cutting fluid

The release date:2017-11-07 Author: click:

The performance of lubricating oil based cutting fluids is better, the cooling effect is poor. Water-based cutting fluid compared with cutting fluids, lubricating performance is relatively poor, good cooling effect.

Slow cutting lubrication requirements of cutting fluid better, in general, the cutting speed is lower than 30m/min using oil based cutting fluids. Cutting oil containing extreme pressure additives, regardless of any material cutting, when the cutting speed is not more than 60m/min are effective. In the high-speed cutting, because a large amount of heat, poor effect of heat transfer oil based cutting fluids, the cutting zone temperature is too high, resulting in the phenomenon of cutting oil smoke, fire, and due to the high temperature deformation, affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece, so the use of water-based cutting fluid.

In the following case is generally used in water-based cutting fluid:

1) considering the process before and after the process, requiring the use of water-based cutting fluid;

2) the potential of oil based cutting fluids fire dangerous places;

3) cutting speed and feed rate, the cutting area tends to high temperature, intense fire smoke, dangerous situations;

4) considering the price is not high, the machining of some easy processing materials and workpiece surface quality requirements, the general water-based cutting fluid has been able to meet the requirements, and can greatly reduce the cost of cutting fluid occasions.

5) to reduce the splash and due to the diffusion of oil mist and oil pollution caused by dirty and around the machine, so as to maintain a clean operation environment;

Semi synthetic cutting fluid cooling oil emulsion had excellent lubricity and anti rust and water combined with good lubrication and cooling, so the metal cutting with high speed and low pressure large amount of heat generated is very effective. Compared with oil based cutting fluids, the advantages of emulsion in heat dissipation, cleaning of large, diluted with water and bring the economy and is conducive to the operator's health and safety and make them happy to use. In fact, in addition to special difficult machining materials, cutting emulsion can be used for almost all of the light and medium load and heavy load parts processing. The emulsion can be used for all grinding except thread grinding, complex grinding outer groove grinding. The emulsion is easily to bacteria, fungi breeding, the effective ingredient in emulsion chemical decomposition and smelly and deteriorate, so generally should be added to less toxic organic fungicides.

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