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Common problems and Countermeasures of the use of liquid metal processing
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Common problems and Countermeasures of the use of liquid metal processing

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In the process of using liquid metal cutting fluid, the cutting fluid contains a large amount of oil, nitrogen oxides and metal material in microbial breeding, affected by the external factors will make the mass propagation of cutting fluid in microorganism, consumption of effective ingredients of cutting fluid, discharge of acidic corrosive substances. A large number of micro propagation such as control of these microbes can produce unpleasant odors, decreased lubrication, extreme pressure properties, operators of skin allergy, problem of circular pipe blockage etc.. When the cutting liquid corruption to a certain extent it will cause a serious decline in the cutting effect to normal use of cutting fluid until scrapped.

In view of the above microbial problems, can choose a biostable emulsion, inhibit bacteria, fungi, fungus and other organisms. This kind of products only need daily maintenance technology can be used for a long time, thereby replacing less cutting fluid, reduce the production cost.

Can not ignore the cutting fluid daily maintenance work, should be in the workshop management system, the cutting fluid maintenance system, write machine maintenance manual. Should pay attention to the daily use of normal concentration of cutting fluid, preferably higher than the minimum concentration of 2%-3%, so no matter from the processing effect and economic cost is reasonable, you should also try to reduce clutter mixed with oil and debris, while cutting fluid itself has a certain ability of anti mixed oil, but excessive impurities mixed with oil and debris will greatly shorten the service life of the cutting fluid.

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