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The importance of cutting fluid in the process of
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The importance of cutting fluid in the process of

The release date:2017-11-07 Author: click:

The importance of cutting fluid in machining, CNC machine tools, the engraving machine, metal processing, glass cutting has been grinding cannot do without cutting fluid, it is not only to protect the machine, more important is the use of cutting fluid in machining process, to reduce the friction between the machine and the workpiece in machining process the importance of visible cutting fluid lubrication.

I believe you know that manufacturers are semi synthetic cutting fluid, occurring in the cutting process of friction and wear is more complex, it has both fluid lubrication and boundary lubrication, and mixed lubrication between fluid lubrication and boundary lubrication, and elastohydrodynamic lubrication. Different cutting process. The same cutting process and cutting speed, workpiece material and all kinds of lubricating form proportion is not the same, so meet the lubrication requirements of cutting fluid is a great difficulty. For example: metal grinding, drilling process generally require lubrication performance of cutting fluid is higher than that of metal cutting and grinding. The black metal cutting performance of cutting fluid lubrication needs better lubrication performance than cutting fluid used for machining nonferrous metal. So with the cutting fluid requirements will be higher.

In the process of selection of cutting fluid, should consider not only the performance of single action, it is more important to choose their own, such as providing cooling, cleaning, rust and other effects, such as processing better, provide a set of process quality.

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