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Fu Runmei water-soluble cutting fluid B N-15 vendors, Bo Run affordable and reliable quality
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Fu Runmei water-soluble cutting fluid B N-15 vendors, Bo Run affordable and reliable quality

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Fu Runmei water-soluble cutting fluid BN-15 vendors, Bo Run affordable and reliable quality. Cutting oil is composed of sulfurized lard, refining base oil with different proportions of sulfide compound fatty acid ester, antiwear agent and lubricant, antirust agent, bactericide, antioxidant, cold accelerator additives such as synthesis, completely protect the performance of CNC machine tools, cutting tools, workpiece itself are so excellent. Cutting oil has superior extreme pressure lubrication effect, effectively protect the tool and prolong its service life, can obtain high precision and surface roughness of workpiece.

As everyone knows, the cutting fluid is an important supporting material in metal cutting. Human use of cutting fluid history can be traced back to ancient times. People in the grinding stone, bronze and iron, that can improve the efficiency and quality of water. In the era of ancient Rome, the use of olive oil turning piston pump castings, sixteenth Century tallow and water solvent to polishing of metal armor. From the 1775 British John Wilkinson (J.wilkinson) for the manufacture of watt steam engine cylinder boring machine developed, accompanied with the application of water and oil in machining. In 1860 after a long development, cars, milling, planing, milling, gear cutting and thread processing of various machine tools have appeared, also marks the beginning of the large 

Oil type

And mineral cutting oil (or compound), extreme pressure cutting oil, cutting oil activity three. The use of mineral oil, kerosene, light diesel lubricating oil distillate. Animal or plant oil, adding a certain proportion of mineral oil (5% ~ 10%) is suitable for machining of composite oil, light load. Extreme pressure cutting oil with sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and extreme pressure additives, to meet the needs of black metal, metal gear depth processing requirements. The activity of cutting oil with active sulfur compounds, high alloy materials for deep hole drilling, tapping and other deep processing.

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