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The solution of the test method of antiwear hydraulic oil
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The solution of the test method of antiwear hydraulic oil

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The solution of the test method of antiwear hydraulic oil

Abstract: the hydraulic oil good extreme pressure and antiwear property, in order to ensure the oil pump, a hydraulic motor, the control valve and the cylinder in the friction at high pressure and high speed under the conditions of normal lubrication, reduce wear.

According to the requirements of GB1118.1-2011 hydraulic oil standard Determination of wear scar diameter measured by the standard method of SH/T0189, the instrument meets this standard method for SH120 automatic four ball machine.

The determination method is as follows: three a 12.7mm diameter steel ball is clamped in an oil box, and was covered with oil, another with a diameter of three steel ball on the top of the ball, 147N (Qiao He) or 392N (40kgf) force, become the "three point contact". When the oil reaches a certain temperature (75 DEG C + 20C), the ball under a certain speed rotating 60m in, oil testing and wear resistance by the following three ball wear spot diameter average value evaluation.

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