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Waterborne Antirust cutting fluid promotes energy saving and emission reduction
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Waterborne Antirust cutting fluid promotes energy saving and emission reduction

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The day before, China aviation industry group and Jilin based science and technology development limited liability company in the market Changchun held strategic cooperation signing ceremony. AVIC will be within the group of more than 50 large state-owned enterprises to promote the Jilin based company's products -- conductive polyaniline aqueous antirust cutting fluid. This will enable the China aviation industry group annual energy savings of nearly million tons, and completely eliminate due to the use of emulsified oil cutting fluid and the environmental pollution caused by the.

It is understood that the metal cutting fluid is injected into the workpiece and cutting tool in metal processing (or abrasive) lubrication between liquid, its main function is the lubrication, cooling, anti corrosion. The metal cutting fluid into oil base (no water) and water (water) two kinds of water-based cutting fluid is divided into emulsified oil and chemical synthesis of type two. China is the largest volume of emulsified oil type cutting fluid, the annual amount of about 2000000 tons, which accounted for about 90% of emulsified oil. Although the emulsified oil cutting fluid corrosion resistance and extreme pressure lubrication performance is good, can be diluted 20 times, but it has serious shortcomings: one is the oil content of up to 60%, the current metal processing enterprises in China mostly deal with emissions, resulting in a large number of oil pollution of the environment; two is perishable, like milk at room temperature, the static state, 48 hours will be bad, a foul smell, not used for a long time; three is the number of additive products has great toxicity to human body harm, so that workers are susceptible to skin disease or chronic cancer.

Conductive polyaniline aqueous antirust cutting fluid is a new type of energy saving products, emulsified oil cutting fluid which can replace the currently used.Based on the China founded Science Institute of Applied Chemistry Changchun patent technology of high-tech enterprises -- Jilin based Technical Developing Company, and China aviation industry supply and Marketing Corporation in 1999 began to carry out the research of conductive polyaniline and its downstream products, has developed a series of high performance anticorrosion material, its performance has reached the highest level or close to the international similar products have been obtained national invention patents, is the national "863" key scientific research projects, National Torch Plan key project. In November 2001, the results identified by the science and Technology Department of Jilin Province, has formed a batch production.project. In November 2001, the results identified by the science and Technology Department of Jilin Province, has formed a batch production.Antirust cutting fluid
According to reports, the polyaniline aqueous antirust cutting fluid at home and abroad is only the latest environmentally friendly water-based cutting fluid, its characteristic is: one is the good environmental protection, harmless to the human body. It uses water as diluent, dilution was 40 times, from the fundamental solution to the emulsified oil pollution of the environment and to human body harmful problems. Two is the strong anticorrosion performance. The three is anti fouling, mildew degeneration, from germs, not bad, can long time cycle, reduce emissions. Four is the price advantage is obvious, through the national testing center of detection, performance is reached and exceeded the national standard, the price is lower than the price of oil emulsified cutting fluid.

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