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Suzhou Runmei, for you to solve the packing problem of cutting fluid
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Suzhou Runmei, for you to solve the packing problem of cutting fluid

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Folding package

1, large tank capacity of 1000 liters of plastic packaging barrel (less packaging manufacturers to provide this specification);

2, VAT packaging, the most common is 200 liters of iron; some manufacturers provide 208 liters or 209 liters;

3, small packaging, the most common plastic bucket of 18 liters or 20 liters of specifications; some manufacturers provide 25 liters.


We should avoid light, avoid heat, avoid moisture indoor storage; the ideal storage temperature is 4-30 degrees Celsius; the upper and lower bounds of each company must refer to their products that store.

The best way to store the cutting fluid

The best way to store the cutting fluid

The best way is to place as shown on the right side of the place:

If not to have outdoor temporary placement, be sure to cover the tarpaulin in the barrel.

The time limit of the cutting fluid are stored: general water soluble products from the production date of the valid storage period of 1-3 (as the varieties and different manufacturers), pure oil products from the production date of the valid storage period of 2-5 (as the varieties and different manufacturers). More than shelf-life products needed for quality inspection to confirm the use of normal state.

The storage and use should follow the "FIFO" principle.

Barreled cutting fluid should be stored in the warehouse, if need to be placed on the outside, must use impermeable canvas blanket to prevent rain water from entering the tank, oil tank, if the rain into the barrel, so that the cutting oil emulsion cutting oil deterioration, easily scrapped.

Open the barrel cover must be stored in the warehouse, the warehouse should pay attention to ventilation and keep dry, the temperature will affect the performance of cutting fluids, should not be long-term storage in hot areas.

Large cutting fluid barrel mouth, open the cover out immediately cap tightly, preventing dirt and water infiltration.

Can put the best barrels, with both ends of the wedge wedge, prevent rolling. If must be put straight barrel, the barrel upside down, make the lid down. Or the drums are slightly slanted, so as to avoid the rain swept over the barrel surface and into the barrel.

The water has adverse effects on any lubricating oil, no matter how good the lid seal, because of the change of day and night temperature, will cause the barrel in the air of the thermal expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction caused by the barrel and the barrel pressure imbalance, such as the cover with water, water will be absorbed into the barrel, cutting liquid pollution.

The temperature has great influence on cutting fluid, long-term outdoor exposure, can make the oil components in cutting fluid separation, therefore stored in the room is good, cover end up.

Folding note

The storage of oil must be kept clean bucket, clear identification;

Keep the warehouse clean ground, convenient and timely detection of oil spills;

The oil out of the library, should follow fifo;

The cutting fluid is not easy to mix with other oil;

Cutting fluid replacement fluid, the original liquid should be cleaned again for a new solution.

Microemulsion Cutting Fluid

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