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The treatment of waste cutting fluid
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The treatment of waste cutting fluid

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Treatment process of waste cutting fluid is generally divided into 3 steps: primary treatment, two treatment and three stage treatment. Primary treatment. Also known as primary treatment and mechanical treatment, its purpose is through centrifugation. The separator, polymerization agent, filter to remove impurities, free oil, small inclusions suspended particles is broken, is a kind of pretreatment method. Two, also called secondary processing, the purpose is through the oil demulsification, the oil-water separation in cutting fluid, usually include physical and chemical method in two ways. Three level processing is mainly water purification. Usually includes ozone method, biochemical method, activated carbon adsorption and adsorption activity of coal, the most widely used one is the activated carbon adsorption and adsorption activity of coal. The waste cutting fluid processing method of several kinds of main introduction is as follows.
Physical method: evaporation evaporation is one of the physical treatment commonly used by heating to remove most waste water, reducing waste water treatment, but may be affected by air emissions permits limited. Membrane separation is another commonly used physical treatment including membrane separation, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis two forms. Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technology, similarity and distinction: different operating pressure: 0.1 I M ultrafiltration only p a low. Reverse osmosis requires a 10 M high voltage 1 Pa; range of particle separation is different: ultrafiltration is high polymer solute relative molecular mass of about 100 thousand -5 and 00 t million, the molecular weight is approximately 5 a 3 On m, reverse osmosis can be separated is only a few tenths of nanometer sized inorganic ions and small organic molecules; C O and BO O ultrafiltration for the removal rate of O is low, the reverse osmosis for C O O and BO O removal rate is increased. The reverse osmosis membrane under high pressure only allows water molecules to pass through. And not allow potassium, sodium and calcium and zinc in plasma and by viruses and bacteria, so it can obtain high quality water

. Oil exists in the emblem meter level particles containing wastewater, surfactant separation difficult cutting fluid. Ultrafiltration without demulsification. The separation of the high molecular weight of T drops of oil and water permeable membrane to separate water and oil, oil and water containing less than t, O M G.Ultrafiltration is very suitable for the removal of oil and suspended solids, on purpose, but not the extraction of dissolved solids. Super beaches every day about 190 -5 6 s wastewater treatment can be o L, the process is relatively simple. Most of the wastewater treatment using ultrafiltration technology, the combination of reach by reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water requirement technology. After ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis concentrated liquid volume is greatly reduced, reusable thermal separation or chemical separation and purification of oil recovery, also can be burned.

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