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Cutting emulsion cream influence line of important factors effect excellent line cutting
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Cutting emulsion cream influence line of important factors effect excellent line cutting

The release date:2017-11-23 Author:Furunmei click:

WEDM is an exquisite precision and efficiency of work. In this era of industrial development, the emphasis is on how the owners of wire cutting processing more truly "line cutting". Today, Suzhou Fu Runmei lubricating oil line cutting emulsion cream Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the influence of cutting effect of excellent cutting emulsion cream.

Semi synthetic cutting fluid


Suzhou Fu Runmei lubricating oil line cutting water emulsifiable paste cutting fluid based on the baseline of R & D, R & D and production process used in the preparation of water soluble substances, does not contain mineral oil and nitrite, therefore, not greasy oil mist generated in the process using the SPEED line cutting emulsifiable paste, does not harm the human body, work environment well, the sewage discharge will reach the national discharge standard of two grade. The second main aspects of SPEED, wire cutting emulsified ointment can adapt to the workpiece made of various materials, a variety of harsh or extreme conditions of WEDM, even large taper high thickness, also can ensure the cutting workpiece surface finish. Such as the use of SPEED line cutting emulsifiable paste cutting cast iron, castings, brass and aluminum, can clearly see the groove at the molybdenum wire cut, smooth chip, smooth cutting. According to statistics, the use of SPEED wire cutting emulsified ointment can reduce the number of molybdenum wire, and the machining efficiency is increased by 30%, cutting liquid is reduced, for the preparation of timely replenishment according to our product packaging tips, continuous service life can be up to six months, plus the factory price, low transportation cost and long life with high efficiency and so on, is the best choice of cutting line owners.


Wire cutting fluid production process Synthesizer - Suzhou Fu Runmei line cutting lubricating oil emulsion cream, remove the water cutting fluid line, the processing effect is not dehydration, convenient and affordable, practical, durable and efficient. Suzhou Fu Runmei lubricating oil do online Taobao mobile phone, a home goods, no middlemen, brands are guaranteed to make the difference.

If you are in Suzhou Fu Runmei lubricating oil emulsion cream, WEDM WEDM molybdenum wire and other wire cutting parts supplies demand or interest, please pay attention to the Suzhou Fu Runmei oil official website: , click on our Suzhou Fu Runmei oil official Taobao store can buy SPEED wire and other wire cutting emulsified paste related accessories and supplies. Our free phone 400-867-0708 waiting for your call.

Suzhou Fu Runmei Lubricant Co., Ltd is specialized in environmental quality metal processing cutting fluid and industrial equipment oil R & D and manufacturing lubricating oil manufacturers. Cutting fluid factory franchise semi synthetic cutting fluid, the water soluble cutting fluid. Tel: 13906213167

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