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Emulsified cutting fluid ratio and long service life
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Emulsified cutting fluid ratio and long service life

The release date:2017-11-29 Author:Furunmei click:

Emulsified cutting fluid ratio and long service life

Do you know the service life of emulsified cutting fluid, the ratio of the rate?

The ratio of large, long service life, the cutting surface is uniform, reversing stripes lighter; and ordinary wire cutting emulsified oil compared to 10% efficiency, improve surface quality of half grade. After cutting workpiece is easy to remove, easy to clean. Suitable for processing 0 die steel 300mm thickness.

Microemulsion Cutting Fluid

Molybdenum wire. The emulsified oil emulsion. Soap. Guide. The guide wheel assembly. Bearing. The conductive block. Synchronous belt, synchronous belt wheel. Step motor. The wire cylinder motor. The wire rod. Cecil. Copper nut (screw rod can be customized). A large number of recycling waste molybdenum wire. Pore discharge accessories: brass. Guide. The special water pump. The rotating head assembly. Motor. Precision chuck. Filter. Copper nut. Sealing ring. Cluster ring. Other supplies and accessories: wire. Copper rust water.

Welcome more consultation on the microemulsion cutting fluid.

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