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The correct use method of emulsion
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The correct use method of emulsion

The release date:2017-11-29 Author:Furunmei click:

The correct use method of emulsion

First, we should choose appropriate drawing oil according to the different requirements of the drawing process, each new product No. the formulation design features are different. On the premise of balance comprehensive characteristics, on certain aspects will be focused on the principle of the general terms of two process and oil, namely process to consider: drawing models, a liquid supply system, line type, line diameter and surface condition; considering the oil characteristics: lubrication, anti oxygen, clean and use life, concentration, emulsion stability, use cost etc..

The emulsion is not a stable system of a so-called "", Microemulsion Cutting Fluid The correct use of master emulsion is very important. The use of special attention to the following aspects:

(1) cleaning system of wire drawing machine and its purification liquid supply system can be achieved through the use of appropriate cleaning agent. Special attention should be given to remove attached biofilm on the wall of the tank. If the system is dirty or has been biological bacteria pollution, recommend the use of alkaline pretreatment alkaline adding bubble will appear, therefore should be two to three steps to add.

(2) distribution of liquid water is best to use soft water or deionized water with liquid emulsion is due to parts of water. Hard constituents in water will react with the drawing in oil emulsifier, emulsifier and reduced the number of the oil-water separation. Therefore, the stability of water hardness on the emulsion and influence the reaction of the salt will be attached to the copper surface. Effects of subsequent processing, so the preparation used for emulsion paint for finedraw or line, you must use deionized water. The chlorine content in water such as more than 100X10, should not be used, because fresh water bacterial content of chlorine corrosion control strong can not be ignored, should ensure that no bacteria system. The content of microbial pollution in the 10 / ml emulsion to the conductivity distribution of liquid water, should be less than 800t, S / era.

(3) use temperature operating temperature control, a control water evaporation, avoid the hardness increase to generate solid salt; two is to ensure the lubrication, the temperature is too low lubricating lower salt; centralized liquid supply system usually use heat exchanger. Recommended temperature of 35 ~ 45. C.

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