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FR-800 water soluble cutting fluid
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FR-800 water soluble cutting fluid

Detailed introduction

FURYMEFR-800 soluble cutting fluid is the domestic refining base oil, adding a variety of efficient lubricants, cleaning agent, anti rust agent and balance agent compounded with excellent lubricity and rust prevention, non perishable stink, extremely long life, taking into account the various characteristics of emulsified oil, and can be used properly without emission or few emissions, environmental protection and gas.

1, widely used in cars, grinding, drilling, milling and other machining process.

2, especially suitable for use in aluminum processing, aluminum processing (such as 7045) have excellent oxidation resistance and smoothness performance.

3, recommend the use of CNC and other large equipment of mobile phone shell, shell and other computer processing of aluminum, but also has excellent performance in the process of die steel, is a multifunctional cutting fluid.

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