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FR-806 long life semi synthetic cutting fluid
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FR-806 long life semi synthetic cutting fluid

Detailed introduction

FURYME FR-806 long life semi synthetic cutting fluid, is the company imported additive adopts advanced formula, the latest development of the multi-purpose cutting fluid has ultra high performance, widely used in all kinds of processing technology and processing a variety of metal materials, the use of various types to meet user requirements. At the same time, this product is the use of special preparation, microemulsion method, the oil and water additive in one set. The product has long service life, anti rust performance to overcome the machine, the "black" phenomenon of Bu You over the weekend the products do not contain banned nitrite harmful to human body, good stability, real environmental protection products.

1, suitable for steel, cast iron and other black metal best, 20-30 times of dilution ratio of liquor to tap water.

2, suitable for single cycle or concentration for the liquid circulation can. Fluid life up to two years without changing the liquid, is a most suitable for use in the product mold processing, also has certain requirements of the customer to use lubrication.

3, the product is excellent rust resistance, excellent water can be used as antirust liquid between processes.

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