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The total synthesis of FR-807 cutting fluid
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The total synthesis of FR-807 cutting fluid

Detailed introduction

FURYME FR-807 synthetic cutting fluid is a high performance without grasping the nitrite and green processing liquid. With good biological stability formula, which has low foam long service life excellent quality, strong adaptability. No matter in hard water or soft water can show good performance. At the same time, better wettability can reduce the cooling liquid. Maintain the cleanliness of the tool and work. Live in pH does not destroy the paint and recite the machine equipment sealing material to adapt. Excellent anti rust performance to ensure that equipment and workpiece long-term rust corrosion etc..

1, applicable to the processing of ferrous metals and low alloy steel.

2, suitable for cutting and grinding turning. Iron surface including a variety of processing methods. Can be used stand-alone can also be used for centralized liquid supply system.

3, recommended ratio: 1:20-1:40

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